Wander project do you remember?

It seems strange now, to see images of the Boys from long ago. They were once tiny. Born in 1998 they were seven weeks premature. It was a tough time for my wife and I. We struggled emotionally with the reality of potentially losing one of them before they were born. After they were born, we had the same issue, with the same baby, nearly losing him as well then. You don’t realize how hard to fight until afterward.

We fought hard for what period. We were also exhausted. Luckily the world’s greatest big sister was always there helping. She would feed them, somehow able even then to get them to be quiet. My daughter was only six years older than the twins. She was able to keep them calm and focused.

So to see them so small now, makes me reflect.

The memories flow around me.

I guess that is a part of growing older.

It feels now, so long ago that they were this little. They were that little once, but that is a time now long passed!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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