Wander project really old pictures taken by my grandfather

The first picture is of my cousins riding on horses. I haven’t seen either cousin in more than 30 years now (one passed away). Seems funny; my mother’s family is together more often. After the picture with people, the rest are of landscapes. All of them were taken of various things that interested my grandfather near Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. First of all, if you go to Dells now, it is vastly different. I remember the Dells but not the dells of these pictures. All four were taken in 1962. I don’t’ have many strong memories of that time I was a little over a year old and not really in a position to pay attention and remember things that I saw. I do have memories of the Dells, but they come a couple of years later.

My grandfather loved the river near the Dells. When I was around eight years old, they moved from Wisconsin Dells to Racine. Racine is a city nestled between two massive large towns. Well, one medium city and one large city. Racine sits between Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Chicago. Both Milwaukee and Chicago area on the shores of Lake Michigan. As is Racine, I remember going to my grandfather’s house and walking on the beach. There are photos taken of all of us on the shores of Lake Michigan. Water was a huge part of my childhood from the Wisconsin River early in my life and Lake Ripley to later Lake Michigan. I spent a lot of time in or near the water!

The images (last three) are decayed. The decay has stopped now. They are 58 years old. If you went to the exact spot where the pictures were taken, most likely, you wouldn’t know what my grandfather saw. The Wisconsin Dells is a massive tourist operation now. From Putt-Putt, Golf courses, and the Fort Dells amusement park, the city has grown. When I was tiny, we walked from my grandparent’s house to the main boardwalk of the Dells. It was a short walk. That boardwalk is still there, but the town has expanded around the Dells so much. The images my grandfather captured are no more. So, enjoy the slightly decayed pictures of a Wisconsin Dells that is no more.


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Wisconsin Dells used to be the best ever with the Tommy Bartlett Water Show. Now, it is all commercialized. Wisconsin also has one of the best flea markets I have ever been to right off of 94 before getting to Milwaukee.

    • when I was little we used to go to Mr. Bartlet’s water show! It was south of the Dells. But then, the amusement park was still in the form of a fort.

      Now your right it is just a commercial stop along the river.

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