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Mostly for my entertainment, I picked completely random numbers today. The numbers are the listed number of pictures in the folder. I picked the numbers first and then added the pictures to the post. One of the pictures is of one of the Granddogs, Tamsyn. My wife doesn’t like the name the dogs call her “Granny gran gran” since they call me Beloved Grandfather. Not sure how it happened, well actually I am. My wife protests the naming system every day. The reason is quite simple; grandfather is the biggest dog soft touch in the house. I get the honorific because I am a soft touch.  The other pictures were pictured as I said at random, but the last two go together!

The concept of weather is something that connects me with my dad. My dad taught me about the weather, and had a weather station in his office as long as I can remember. The weather was always a safe conversation for dad and I. Not the weather conversation most people have (Nice weather we have Bob, why yes it is Stan.) Rather he and I talked about the amount of rain that fell and the difference between the temps he got and I got. For a long time, we lived in Cincinnati. My first personal weather station sat in our apartment just outside the Kings Island Amusement park in Maineville, Ohio. I would normally be 2 to 3 degrees warmer than what dad’s station got.

So I have a lot of weather devices. I want and need to know the weather.  The 2nd picture, but the last covered in my random picture days recap, is of my wife’s shoes on the back deck of our house. I want to note that she picked the deck color and the shoe color. My wife loves bright colors in all things, and it is something we tease her about. She has a pair of shoes that when she goes on the walk with us, we tell her NASA is calling, they can track her shoes from space! I have to say I like the fact that my wife chooses color! I tend towards white, blue, and simple colors. In part, because I can’t match colors well and in part because that is the way I’ve dressed since I left college. Color can be a nice change of pace!

i am so tired!


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