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In the movie, An American Tale, there is a song sung by Linda Ronstadt, called “somewhere out there.” It is a song that speaks to two separated by distance, but knowing that they can look upon that moon in the sky and both be seeing the same thing. The same is true of the sunrise or sunset every day. We, humans on the planet earth, see the same sun every time. We look towards the sky to see the orb rise or fall to darkness. We can find comfort in that constant. You see, the sunrise represents the gift of a new day—the presentation of the present that is now. We, around bound to that moment. We go to bed at night hoping, for the restoration of that moment that is the new day.

Each day, each sunrise gives back to use that moment that starts the day again. Not that sunsets are lesser, or that they, the evening, come in second. The sky paints with colors in the sunrise and sunset that changes the world around us. Sometimes at the end of a bad day, we can step outside as the day itself ends, and breathing the air around us, we watch the sunset over the world. We know that evening is the same one everyone in our half the world will see. That moment when the sun falls below the horizon and in that moment, it is the same. The night allows the rise of Fievel’s moon (Fievel was the name of the main character in the animated movie, “An American Tale.”

In seeking the sunset or the sunrise, we are asking the beginning of the end. Although both can be interchanged, those who work at night see the sunset at the beginning of the day and the sunrise at the end of the day. Those who work during the day see things the opposite way. But we are between the two always. The sun rises, and the day begins or ends. The sunsets and the day starts or ends. Between them is where we live. In the land of the sun or the land of the moon, we rise and begin our lives. We take the moments we cherish and the moments that drag us down and push them in front of us. We, like Sisyphus, urge ever the day inf front of us, seeking to be done. The one good thing for us, the day in front of us or the night in front of us, is not a rock that will roll down upon us if we do not push.

what is that peaking behind the clouds?


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Great photos. I guess this a good place to mention how the mind works and it is strange. I know the exact time I lost my soul mate and I refer to that date and time as when the sh_____ really hit the fan. For a long time, I could not tolerate the hour between 12 noon and one. Before and after that time I was just fine. Now let’s just say I have my moments

    • i know that feeling. For me the days with loss in my life are the ones I mark, they are not often good days. Part of that, of course, is my doing. I walk into the day fearing bad things. Part of that is the energy of the universe around that day.

      They say time heals all wounds, but for me one of the wounds is 24 years old and still feels fresh.


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