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Prom is an interesting story. It is a tradition, regardless of Indiana or Maryland and there are things that happen in the process. We find ourselves at a crossroad and prom is one of the first choices we have to make as people. It is a chance to share an activity with friends that you will never have a chance to go to or share it again. There are few formal dances that pop up later in life. Uthere is a way you can relive prom later in life by competing in ballroom dancing or are a fan of ballroom dancing competitions. Prom is a one of a kind event. One of those events you never forget. As a parent, it is also an interesting event, but more as my baby is an adult moment than anything.

I have to say in the case of the twins that was a hard moment. In the case of my daughter, well she was always mature. No, she is not an old soul in a younger person body. She is certainly someone that understood the balance of helping with the twins. I’ve written before what she announced before the twins arrived, that she was going to be the best big sister. Part of being an older sister is, of course, being there. Being consistent and never making your younger siblings believe that your relationship with them can be taken away. A really good friend of mine once told me “if you are part of the family, you are part no matter what you do.” I struggled when she told me that many years ago, I still do.

You see family is a two-way street in my book. If you open the door to complain, then by rights you have to listen to the complaints of other family members. If you seal off, cease or minimize communication, then you endanger the connection that is family. Family makes us angry, the family makes us sad, but family is more than an emotional reaction. The family is the people that support you, help you when you aren’t doing well. The family isn’t money, its time. The family is a connection. In that connection lies the seeds of everything we are. Anyway, Prom makes me wax nostalgic for things that once were. Seeing that young couple as we walked out of the restaurant, dressed to the nine’s caused me to drift off down memory lane.

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I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.

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