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The first time I traveled out of the US as an adult was a trip to Holland. In all my childhood travels, I had not gone to Holland. So I was excited about my chance.  It was exciting for my first trip overseas. You got to have your passport, and you were out seeing the world, and it was a new place for me. That allure would wear off over the next few years, a lot. You see, the further you are away from home, the more variables you encounter. The more variables mean, the higher the chance that you won’t get home on time. I can tell you what the lounges in many global airports look like. The most extended wait in a room was 16 hours in Hong Kong. Then my flight was canceled.

I did get to spend a day in Hong Kong, so that was cool.  But the reality of travel when you fly is you are at the whims of the airline. Not that the airline isn’t out to provide excellent customer service they are. I had mentioned before that I was always sad to see people rip into the counter person. They didn’t create the thunderstorm that delayed your flight. They didn’t book your tickets. They were just the airline person at the counter. So, they got yelled at all the time. It made me so sad. When people are just doing their jobs, they should be made to feel wrong about that. It is just their job. They don’t fly the plane. They don’t land the plane; they only stand at the counter.

Why waste your virtual on someone that had nothing to do with your pain. I never understand that. I always felt bad when I walked up when it was my turn. The person is seeing someone coming up, cringing. I would always start with, “well, we are both having bad days, huh?” Those poor people were doing the best that they could do in a tough situation. Why yell at them at that point? Sometimes as is said, we need to stop and smile. That smile is the only one that airline counter person may see that day. Thunderstorms delay flights, but yelling at the counter person doesn’t make the storm stop. Oh well, sometimes people are more interested in being right than in being a good person.

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  1. You are the lucky recipient of random comment number 206 A child is a beam of sunlight from the Infinite and Eternal, with possibilities of virtue and vice, but as yet unstained. — Lyman Abbott


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  1. These days I am trying to remember that the other person is just myself in a different shape and form, housed in another vessel, from different time (that is, may be younger or older) in the same space. That saves me from a lot of stress and pain 😉


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