Wander project pictures of Hawaii, memories of vacations!

I am wandering to the Hawaiian Islands of Lanai. Once called Pineapple Island because that was where the predominance of Dole Pineapple Companies Pineapples came from. It is a sparsely populated for the most part privately owned island (the owner is the owner of Oracle Corporation).  My parents took care of the kids (they were in school when we went).  Back in the 2000’s mom and dad watched the kids for us quite a few times. We would drop them off, or mom and dad would come to our house and make sure the kids got to school. We, my wife and I got to take quite a few trips based on the kindness of parents. The pictures today are from our first trip to Hawaii.

We also got to go to Paris and Mexico City, just the two of us. Paris, and Mexico city I had to work during the week,   so during the week my wife got to sightsee. We then spent in all three cases at least one or two weekend days so we could sightsee together.  Hawaii was the second of those trips. The first was Paris, and we had a blast wandering the city of lights. We had dinner one night just a little bit away from the Arc de Triumph. We also got to hang out with one of my co-workers who remains one of the smartest people I have ever had a chance to know! Hawaii was the second of those but the first one that was an award trip. I was allowed to sightsee all day every day.

My wife, at the time of our first Hawaii trip, was actually in graduate school. She had to study in the mornings every day, which gave me time to explore the island of Lanai and take a long walk in the morning. I was in a walking stage at that point. I ran for many years but stopped for a time because my knees bothered me. I started running again when we lived in Indiana but after the Hawaii trip. I stopped for the last time (running) before we left Indiana and instead I walked. Funny, my wife and I, when we go on vacation just the two of us, walk everywhere. We walked all around the island of Lanai, walked down the River Seine and walked around Mexico City. In fairness, our first dates were simply walking!


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