Wander project pictures from Sydney Harbor

I had one day on the second weekend in Sydney where I was on my own for an afternoon, so I took to the water. Yes, given a chance to be on the water, I am on the water! These pictures today are from the harbor tour cruise. I enjoyed being on the boat and taking pictures of the harbor, and the many different places in the harbor including some of the wonderful beaches near Syndey. The tour boat was near Bondi Beach, but I had been previously informed of the nature of the large, nude beach. I didn’t end up heading to the actual Bondi beach itself. But I was near Bondi Beach . Not that there is anything wrong with nude beaches, just that as a beach lover, I don’t do the nude beach thing.

There is something magical about touring a place by the water. First, because the people you see in a harbor are often relaxing and enjoying, it isn’t like walking through a city during the work day. People in the city are pushing towards their goal. In the harbor, they are relaxing and enjoying the sun. They have time to spend rather than the time that is wasted between meetings. The nature of my traveling experience as a business person was going from big city to big city and going from meeting room to meeting room. I spent a lot of time on planes and a lot of time in hotels. I learned why it is critical to be fair. I stood in long lines and watched people yell at people.

There is no value in only spewing negative information into the world. Sometimes you have to stop, smile and say “you’re having a bad day” to the human working the counter of the hotel or the airline. Just smile and let them know its ok. They didn’t book the convention in town or the 30 people in front of you in the line. They don’t bring snow that delays flights. They just came to work on a Tuesday afternoon. Or a Monday morning, the yelling is part of their job. It isn’t needed, and it does no good. So stop, smile, and remember the human. You see there is more human kindness in simply trying to move forward the best we all can. That is the difference between the workaday world of the city, and wandering that same city from the water side. People stop and smile, instead of grimace and push forward.


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Written by DocAndersen

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