Wander project pictures from the boat!

I love being on the water, and so does my dog. He loves being in, over and around water as much as I do. I think it is one of the things that makes us a good bond. That and we are both likely to see what we can do to push the limits. Dylan loves to push the limits and sees just how far he is allowed to go before my wife yells at him. I don’t like to push to the point where my wife yells, but I am willing to push to the point where she groans and says I am a  pill.

Now my sons don’t like the boat much. My daughter and her boyfriend love the boat, but my sons not so much. In part, it is because it is important to me and they are 19. In part it is well, I wonder if that isn’t the majority reason at this point. We’ve had a boat since they were two years old.

The dogs do love the boat. They love to wander around and hang out with their people. Now Raven doesn’t like the fact that it is hot. She is more of an air conditioning dog. Dylan doesn’t care as much about the temperature outside, just that he is with his people. Funny how dogs are like people in how they approach the world. Some are happy letting things flow. Some are happy being in control and of course there is always the reality of what is happening around them. I suspect if we brought food and started preparing it on the boat, Raven wouldn’t care how hot it was.


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Written by DocAndersen

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