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Wander project Pattaya…

One more day she is wandering the beaches of Thailand, in particular, the beach at Pattaya.  The kids loved the pool. Of the one and a ½ days we spent there, the kids were in the pool most of the time. I spent a lot of time sitting on the poolside chairs watching them. I took some pictures but for the part, I relaxed and watched them play in the water. They were all, by then, good swimmers. They were also wearing the swimmy suits (well, the twins were). Those suits didn’t let your head stay below water. You could jump in and go underwater but you would bob back up like a cook really quickly. It was designed, the swimming suit, to the US Coast Guard Type I life vest standard.

In the evening, my folks volunteered to watch the kids. Back in the day, after swimming all day, the kids zonked by around 8 pm. My wife and I ended up going to the restaurant that was on top of the Dusit Pattaya Hotel. It was a Chinese restaurant, and my wife was not in the mood for much more Thai food at that point, it was just a bit spicier than she likes overall. So we sat and had an adult meal. Adult meals when the twins were little, meant that the two of us got to relax and not manage twins. For me, it was simply Thai food. I knew what I could tolerate and what was too spicy for me. But I had the advantage of having lived in Thailand years before. I knew what was hot!

The meal was relaxing. You don’t realize then how much stress there is in managing children. People often say to me, twins, I would love twins. Twins are splitters — a situation where you can’t devote all of your attention to one child. Because there are two, It splits the parents into watching one child at a time. Luckily their older sister was always there to chip in and help! It makes the process a little easier. So we both relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful evening and the view from the top of the hotel. In her serving past my wife had worked in a Chinese restaurant, so she was able to order things that she was familiar with and liked comfortably. Most of her career waiting tables were spent at a Greek restaurant, but she also did a year at a Chinese restaurant in Bloomington, Indiana.

on the beach pattaya!

that looked like a lot of fun!

in the pool!



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    • they are great memories! Thai food tends towards spicy. Any language that has temperature hot (lawn) and spicy hot (pet) probably means they go heavy on the Pet. I learned Pet Nit Noy, which basically just a little hot very quickly when we first moved there!


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