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wander project on the way to Bangkok 1971

The first time I flew in an airplane, it was a prop plane. We flew from Indiana Indiana to General Billy Mitchell Field in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I didn’t fly into Milwaukee again for near 30 years. I don’t remember much about that first flight. The next time we flew, we ended up going from Wisconsin to Thailand. The reason we didn’t leave form Indiana, as we were leaving our car with my grandparents so that they could let it run every once in a while. Our house in Idnaian was rented out for the year to some students who were taking care of our dog Pheobe. My mother’s parents drove us from Cambridge to O’Hare Field in Chicago, and we flew to Shannon Ireland.

I suspect starting our international travel by landing in Ireland, and the Emerald Isle was perfect. We got into a car, driving on the wrong side of the road, and my dad clipped a parked car (it happened to be the car of the local police officer.) We got on the way from there. We landed at Shannon Itneriontal airport and went off to a small cottage near Galway Ireland. We had lunch after the car situation was cleaned up, and I will never forget the place. The owner came over and asked my father, “and the lad will have a Guinness?” My dad said no; he wouldn’t, but for me, that was a huge change. First, I love Guinness. Second as an 11-year-old to be asked if I wanted a beer was awesome.

My suitcase went to Prague; the rest of the family got their luggage. I ended up getting a new pair of jeans and a wonderful seater. I have been o Ireland several times in my life. It remains one place that felt like home to me the minute I arrived. Bangkok was initial strange and different, but it now feels like home as well. But Ireland was the first place I went to that just felt like home. Copenhagen is another like that for me. Ireland was a pre-Bangkok vacation. Dad didn’t have to work for the few days we were there. My dad did vacations like he did life. We hit the ground running. We wandered all over the town of Shannon Ireland. (across the bay from Galway). From farms to scallops, we made sure we experienced Ireland!


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