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wander project on the boat!

The weekend before the wedding, my wife’s cousin came by for a visit. We ended up going out on the boat. It was fun to wander the Rhode River area, and have a chance to catch up with my wife’s cousin. We did have a chance to hit one of our favorite places (Sue’s Deli in Edgewater Maryland). But it was also a chance just to get out and getaway. The weekend before the wedding, it helped! To get from our house to the boat, it is about an hour. Except on this particular day, we ended up hitting traffic around the University of Maryland Campus. Normally, when Maryland has an away game, traffic isn’t bad in that part of the world. But for someone reason it was bad.

It was worse this past weekend when we went to the boat as well, but Maryland had a home game. Traffic is always stressful. No matter where you are in the DC area, no matter what day it is you run into traffic. Most weekends, people are heading down US 50 and crossing the Bay Bridge. That creates traffic jams that often make US 50 slow. But when football season starts you suddenly get the double whammy. You see, the University of Maryland sits just off the Bypass around Washington DC. Once we get off the bypass we are on US 50. Sitting in Annapolis, is another major college football team, the US Naval Academy. So one would think, perhaps we should go the boat on Sundays?

On Sunday’s you go right by the Redskins field. So if there is a pro football home game, traffic is even worse. There isn’t a time when you can go to Annapolis from Germantown, that you won’t hit a little traffic. We hit a little traffic heading to the boat. But we had a wonderful conversation with my wife’s cousin and the friend she was visiting. They two of them were a hoot! We made it to the boat in about 1:15 minutes which is about 10 minutes longer than usual. On the way back we stopped at our favorite farmers market to get corn on the cob and other stuff like that there. We didn’t realize that would be the last time we would be able to stop at the farmers market. They were closed on this past Saturday when we wandered by.


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