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wander project of memories and a jagged lens…

We all see through a lens. At times we use the very lens we see with to hide behind. They are different from me, and I will stay away. Fear hides well behind a lens. Why? Because fear cannot be revealed in the light. It has to live in the edges to hide in the shadows. Fear, as said in the Frank Herbet Novel Dune, is a little death. We are all to a degree affair. Things are never fully as they seem, So we step back, we measure for difference, and at times we close our door. A door or the door doesn’t matter. Doors are barriers that do two things. Thye gives us a sense of safety, but they also lock out the things on the other side. Fear shuts doors in our lives often.

But the quest for understanding pushes the door open. Pulls us from the safe place we know. As when we were small, we now push away from the shore, we swim a little further from our parental units: Freer but more in managed space. We master our destiny. That is the lens we see through as we get older. At first, our parents know everything. They are huge humans that do all right. Then our parents like us struggle with today. We see them as flawed, and sadly as teens, we point out the flaws. We need the feet of clay; we need the imperfections for us to continue moving forward. For us to grow and separate. But then as adults, we look back and realize the flaws we saw were reflections.

No, not unique flaws of the others but instead flaws of our own. Measured and hung neatly on a wall. The things within ourselves that when we realize we hate them in ourselves, we know we had projected them onto others. Those images begin to fade, and we remember people as they were. Not the idealized perception that comes from the jagged lens, but instead the quiet light, the small view of the reality incomplete like this sentence. Let’s open the door today; let’s turn the knob and let the memories flow. But then let’s go back and remove our lens, and see what we might have missed. A wandering wander project that leads Us more inward than outways towards the essence of the pictures, not the perceived memory of the images.

Look within to find a new way to remember.

This work is Copyright DocAndersen. Any resemblance to people real or fictional in this piece is accidental (unless explicitly mentioned by name.)


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Written by DocAndersen

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