Wander project my last ten pictures

The last ten pictures I’ve taken this week mostly focused the spider on the porch. We had a friend once, who had a cute son(both sons they had were cute, but the youngest was cute at the time). The little guy every called JerBear was at his house, there was a spider on the wall, and he pointed to it saying “There’s a spider on the wall (my wife’s name)”  as he points at the spider. I love spiders. Thye provides so much value to the world. They remove annoying bugs and provide the prettiest webs for us to see. As I mentioned in my photo-challenge post today, they were also a huge part of one of my favorite childhood books, Charlottes pWeb. I loved that book for a long time.

That, remembering Charlotte’s web, got me thinking about the books I loved. There were the books I loved as a child, as a teenager and then as a teacher. There were books I loved as a parent, and perhaps someday will love as a grandparent. The grandparent part is not coming any time soon. My four favorite books as a child were Dr. Suess Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs andHam, Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little. As a late child, pre-teen, a teenager I moved to Lord of the Rings and theHobbit. The LOTR’s remains one of my favorite books ever. I do however remember that the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was a go-to book for many years for me.

College pushed me off into the world of poetry. I wrote poetry as a teenager and as a young adult, but in college,I began consuming the poetry of others. Langston Hughes, Ezra Pound, and Mya Angelou truly impacted me. I was heavily into science fiction as well. Omni magazine and the work of Ben Bova influenced me. I also loved the works of Asimov, Clarke, and others. That led me back into the science fiction done in the 30’s. As a parent and as an older brother Winnie the Pooh and Paddington Bear were my go-to books to read. My little sister and I used to act out Paddington the Bear books. I used to read the stories to my daughter when she was little. 

When you think about it, books, authors, and their creativity impacts us long after we put the book down!


What do you think?


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