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My gather labeled many of his pictures by the trip. He traveled to many countries. I ended up adopting the same system for my pictures.  My grandfather stored his pictures by year. Each grouping of slides, representing a year. As I’ve mentioned before they both started around the same time, taking pictures. My Aunt taught both of them. You can tell that they have a common teacher in their early pictures. My father later attended classes to learn more about the art and process. That was right before the darkroom project. We added a dark room to our house in Bloomington. He and I built the walls, put the board up, painted and added a door.

The darkroom at that time was off the family room bathroom that made developing film and using the bathroom hard. So you have to wander across the house to the other bathroom. We were five people in the house with 2.5 bathrooms.  There was often consternation in the house when it came to how much time was spent in the bathroom.

The picture today is from Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. There is a great picture of my father and me in this grouping. The more I see pictures my grandfather took, the more I realize how close the two of them were, and how close my grandfather was to me as well. I have so few memories of my grandfather, my father’s father.

The rest f the pictures are of flowers and my cousins. They, the pictures are a little faded. They were stored in airtight boxes, but even that allows for image decay. The average slide lasts between 40 and 60 years. The average picture (print) lasts far less than that. Many prints begin to fade within 10 years. Luckily you can scan them, and retouch the pictures if you wish!

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my dad and I


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