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Wander project Mother's Day 2019

Today is Mother’s day in the US. It was Mother’s day in other countries last week, but this week it is in the US. What can you say about mom? A lot really if you stop for a moment and remember the person. There are many mothers in my life, but two that impact me every day. The first is my wonderful wife, who is the mother of my children. For that alone, she delivers a nice Mother’s day gift. Yesterday she and I wandered as we usually do on the weekend, to visit the boat and to stop for lunch. We spent the day before Mother’s day cleaning the boat. I guess that wasn’t fair, but timing is what timing is.  I went to get her favorite bagels for Mother’s day breakfast. The twins made her the bagel!

My wife is a great mother. She is also a great person. While celebrating her on this day is important, it is important to have the chance to celebrate her the rest of the year as well. She, my wife is a Hospice Social Worker. A job that is focused on helping others during one of the hardest transitions anyone ever has to make, the loss of a loved one. She is an amazing human being! Why she picked me, we have to wonder. My wife used to be an actress and why is that important? She makes stage faces now, thousands of stage faces. She also does voices. Although the kids all banned me reading books to them very early, mo reading with voices was also banned. My wife is a gift I am honored to have around!

My mother is somewhat removed from us in Indiana so we won’t see her today. My mother is a rock. She is without a doubt one of the smartest human beings I have ever known. She is also, one of the funniest, although, with my mother you have to be careful, mom had a dry sense of humor that will sneak up on you if you are not careful. You always know where you stand with my other. You also always know even if she thinks you’ve gone off the deep end mom has your back! My mother also worked in the medical field for many years. Like my wife she worked in a profession that at times was not well received. Om was able to naviage the reality of angrer better than anyone I’ve ever seen. She is my hero!

The other mothers in our family, are also important aunts, sisters, and cousins that are all celebrating this day! Each of you is a force changing the world to a better place!


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