Wander project more Sun, sand and sun!!!!

Still wandering to the warm pictures and memories right now mostly because yesterday was a 1.4 inch rainfall day. Somewhere early in the morning yesterday, the DMV (Washington District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia) passed the 61.25-inch mark for rain this year. That makes this the all-time recorded history wettest year. It should be noted, as a weather geek, that we were 5 or more inches below average as of June 30th. To go from below average to the wettest year on record means there had to be a wet group of months. The wettest July and August recorded. An above average September and October were recorded and finally the wettest November on record.

By July 31wt the year was already above average for rain. The reality of climate change isn’t the long bemoaned global warming. That is something that happens in some places. But the presence of heat in Antartica means it has to be cold somewhere else. If the arable lands in the world are suddenly dry, there will be a huge impact on the world. Food production is a fragile thing.  In 2018 April showers brought July Deluges! All that water has to go somewhere. It has been one of the most flooded falls in Maryland and Virginia. Add to that the fact that two hurricanes have impacted the US East Coast in the same year and the weather has been historic.

Sometimes as a person, you don’t want to make history.

The pictures today are of Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. It is a clean and wonderful beach right on the Atlantic Ocean. We enjoyed lunch in the English Fish n’chips place. We all got hats and t-shirts on the main drag. We went to the beach for Mother’s Day. My wife loves to go to the beach. I suspect if you totaled her five all-time favorite vacations, five of them had a beach. Well maybe Europe was in the top five, so she only had 4 out of 5 beach vacations. But she loves the beach!


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