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My wife has family that lives in Green Bay and Milwaukee Wisconsin. Her mother was born in Baron which is located in the Northern part of Wisconsin (north of another place I’ve posted about, Wisconsin Dells). The part of the family in Wisconsin (there is another part in Indiana. Her father was born in Indiana) had a reunion in Milwaukee. We drove up a day early with Barb’s parents to spend some time in the wonderful city of Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Milwaukee is situated between Chicago and Green Bay. While Green Bay has the professional football team for Wisconsin (The Packers) Milwaukee has the NBA and MLB teams. The Milwaukee Bucks and the Brewers call Milwaukee home. It is also nestled against Lake Michigan. Our first visit was to the shore and the wonderful restored downtown Milwaukee area. Milwaukee like many Midwestern cities have undergone a rebirth in the past few years.

The first few pictures in this shared focus on the family. Everyone is standing at the rail looking down on the shore of Milwaukee. There is a maritime museum, Milwaukee like Chicago has an active port with ships traversing Lake Michigan. You can move a lot of goods over water quickly. Plus no train or truck can drive straight from Milwaukee to anywhere in Michigan. You have to wind down past Chicago and then through Indiana to send something via truck from Milwaukee.


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