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The reality of aging parents is a reversal. You, as the child, now worry about your parents. I find myself not worried about my mother because she is someone that has no issue asking for help. My mother-in-law and father-in-law also had no issue asking for help. When they were over 18 months, both diagnosed with the horrible disease called Alzheimer’s, they reached out for help. Originally they were in a facility in Tallahassee, Florida. But as a family (my wife and her brother), they decided it would be better for the two of them to move to Indiana. My father-in-law was born in Indiana. He and my mother-in-law lived in Indiana for more than 50 years.

So they moved back to a wonderful facility in Franklyn, Indiana. The disease progresses differently for each person. I remember, over the years, many conversations with my mother-in-law. She shared the same educational background that I had. Although she was focused on teaching pre-school, and I was focused on Elementary Education. She later took over as the manager for the Bloomington Hospital Switchboard. She ran the switchboard at a time when it was a physical switchboard. Where the operator had to move the physical switch from one position to the destination, she was beloved at the Hospital, and her retirement was met with great sadness.

My father-in-law served in the Navy. He was a signalman on an LST (landing craft) during World War II. He jumped when he heard loud noises at the end of his life. He was a facility assigner for the phone company. The two met while they both worked at the phone company in Bloomington, Indiana after the war. I have so many memories of playing golf with my father-in-law. He was a five handicap until his shoulder surgery. At one point in the 1970s, he was a scratch golfer (that means if par is 71 on the course, you will score a 71 or lower). The reality of the disease robbed us of the chances of playing golf. We have so many pictures of both of them to share, but the last couple of years were hard.


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  1. After my mom suddenly passed away in Latvia my mother-in-law became like a mother to me. After her 85th birthday, as they say, to add insult to injury she was struck by a car so it was not old age that was going to get her. She survived but the right side of her body after the accident was deeply black and blue. From that hit, she developed cancer of the tissue on her lung on that side. For the next two months we took her into the hospital to draw off fluids from her lung and suddenly and better for her she was gone. It was like I had lost two moms instead of one.

    • it was a great place my in-laws loved it. They were fully able to make decisions when the moved in, it was only later that slipped away.

      it was really hard for both of them. I wouldn’t know where to start with that kind of decision.

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