Wander project, what may be the last boat trip of the year…

This week the crew was a little larger than usual on our boat trip. The boys came with us. We agreed that we would wander over to Annapolis so we could dock, hop out and have lunch. The thing that I forgot is that every year in October (the first two weekends) is the boat show. The National Sailboat show first, and then the National Powerboat show. Yesterday was the first weekend day of the national sailboat show, which meant the inner harbor of Annapolis was jammed.

By jammed I mean there were more boats in that harbor than I have ever seen. There were Sailboats of every ilk and type. Plus, the Midship”people” were out of the Acamdey in their sailboats. The path to Annapolis was a long and winding road. I am not sure that I have seen as many sailboats at one time in my life as we saw yesterday. There were most likely more than 100 sailboats in the path from our slip-on Back Creek to the main inner harbor access for Annapolis off the Severn River.

Still, it was nice to take a slow boat trip. The weather was perfect. The sky was blue, and we were on the water. We did get yelled at by the harbor master, who said we were going a little fast (we were going 4.8 kph which is below the speed limit, but I guess with all the traffic the harbor master was nervous.)  I wouldn’t have minded being yelled at, but then 5 or 6 boats passed us easily, so they were going even faster than we were. I didn’t see the harbormaster yelling at them.


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Written by DocAndersen

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