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In a moment, the change arrives and takes over. We spent three days in Portland Maine. In the days of old, we would have probably taken 4 or 5 rolls of film (180 or fewer pictures). Because of digital cameras, we ended up with more than 1200 pictures. Many more moments and captures the world around us. It was a magical trip, and we both had a blast.

I am reminded of a few moments that we enjoyed that I haven’t yet covered. One was learning about the brewing process of beer visiting the Allagash brewery. My wife wanted more than anything to see the lighthouses, to see a mouse, and to spend time shopping in LL Bean. So, she also schedules a trip and tour of the Allagash brewery.

Allagash is a river in northern Maine. But the beer brewed there is more like Belgian White Beer. IT was a blast wandering the brewery. The thing for today to share is the food. We ended up finding unique restaurants every single day. From the first day other than breakfast we had amazing food. For the most part, we were eating more traditional food from Maine. But we did stop by an Olive Lebanese restaurant as well. There is something about having a chance to get away and be a couple again, not parents, not mother and father-in-law, but just us!

Ceasar Salad!

Lobster roll!

the last flowers

last flowersleav

leaves changing color

i can't help it, I like signs

Allagash Brewery!

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