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Wander project Maine (day 2)

Well, after three blogs about the 3rd day how about a couple of blogs about the second day? Friday was the day we were both most worried about traffic (there wasn’t any). But we were also looking for a variety of things to do, mostly focused on seeing some of the 20 lighthouses of Portland Maine. Including one of the most photographed lighthouses in the US. There was a “see the lighthouse” tour article written up in the first Portland Maine Magazine my wife had gotten.  So away we went. The first thing we wanted to do was take the ferry over to Peaks Island.

I want to say there was a reason for that, but mostly both of us like being on boarts. Getting to go to an island and walk around was a bonus. Peak Island was the first part of the 2nd day. The Main Maine event for day 2, was the lighthouses.

We arrived at the first lighthouse and captured some quick pictures. Then we wandered to the 2nd stop. The first stop had two different lighthouses you could see. The second stop only had one lighthouse to see. Finally, we headed to one of the most famous and photographed lighthouses. The Portland Head Light was the name.

We stopped in the gift shop (I bought a cap). Then we walked all around the lighthouse. We ran into part of a tour group from Spain. They were on the MEC Cruise that left the Basque region of France and stopped in Portland Maine. It is without a doubt the most amazing lighthouse. IT is still used to this day.

on the way to Peak Island

for some reason all those years of my taking her picture when she was taking pictures has become an issue.

what do I see?

Another Maine Light house!

Peak Island!

300 people live on the island!

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