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We planted a small tree on the edge of our lawn near the babbling brook. My goal in planting that tree was to have someday shade to sit and watch the brook and the pond. The Beaver decided that our contribution to his den was more important. So our pretty tree went down. We left the gnawed tree stump there for a while, trying to figure out if we wanted to plant a new tree. I finally dug it out and turned it into mulch. It was a discussion we had. Our neighbors didn’t have small trees on the edge of the pond, so they didn’t have the impact we did. The railroad tracks and the railroad trestle gave the Beavers access to a small wooded area. So they had a lot of small trees to choose from.

Plus our tree, oh well. It is a lesson learned. It was kind of cool though (teachable moment) to show the kids the beaver marks on the remaining tree stump. There are cats that live on two sides of our house now. We do not often get smaller birds near our house anymore. When we were in Indiana, we had the dogs, and they roamed our backyard. There were few if any cats that dared wander onto our back yard area. So we often had Cardinal, Robins, and other birds when we lived there. Add to that the pond, and we would often see Geese and Ducks. The other bird that visited us was the Blue Heron. It was fun to watch the Heron fish, and I have a lot of pictures of that as well.

We end today with wet twins. We had a large tub in the master bath, and for a long time that was the twin bathing. One time, as the twins were in the tub and my wife was bathing them I decided to have some fun. I brought a container of table salt and dumped some into the water. The Twins wanted to know what I was doing. I told them I was working on Twin Soup. I was kicked out of the bathroom and no longer allowed to visit during bath time. I wonder if I lost on that deal. I didn’t have to be around bath time. There wasn’t a bath time with twins that I didn’t end up soaked with water. After the Twin Soup episode of my life, I never got wet again!



wet twin

wet twin


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  1. The beavers also disappeared here … I haven’t seen any for a long time … they were persecuted for a while because they really did a lot of damage … they clogged the creek so much that they were flooded … obviously they were driven or killed

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