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Over the years, I have become close friends with several co-workers. One of my closest friends and I worked on a project where we got to go to London for seven days. London is one of my all-time favorite cities to visit. London isn’t a place you go to sample Haute Cusine. If you are looking for an unbelievable meal after an unbelievable meal, I would recommend Amsterdam. The second choice in that great meal trip would be Paris.  If you are looking for great Indian food; however, London is your choice. London is a city of neighborhoods like all cities. In particular this trip we were staying in the Financial District. Near what was left of the original Roman wall of London.

My co-worker/dear friend enjoys walking as much as I do, so we walked. Every night, every day, we wandered the financial district of London. One afternoon the customer invited us to visit a pub. It was in the basement of a building that the customer team often went to visit. English pubs a similar to Irish pubs, and for that matter pubs throughout Europe. Very different look and feel than a US bar. We all arrived and unlike a US bar where you tended to find a table and sit, in the pub you got your pint and stood. There were many fewer seats in the pub. The beer was warm, another difference, well not warm but room temperature. That was also interesting.

I had been to London a few times before, so the room temperature beer didn’t impact me. I knew to order Heinkein Ice Cold (my favorite) that is served at 32 degrees.

After the event at the pub, we ended up walking by several sites as the sun was falling. It is funny the things that you recall as time passes — the moments of reflection that time brings and the moments that are lost to time. I remember every day meeting in the hotel restaurant for breakfast. We enjoyed the baked beans (which we do for lunch and dinner in the US) and the fried tomato halves!


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  1. London pubs are really special … the atmosphere is unique … but it really disturbs me very much that the beer is not cooled … for me it’s too cold to be cold ice … it really does lose a bit of true taste

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit to London, which I know well, having made many visits as well as working there for a few years in my youth.

    You would soon get in trouble if you lived here and said that there is no “haute cuisine ” in London! There’s masses of it, although some of it is at prices that would frighten off most people! The best restaurants are booked up months in advance, though.

    As for the beer, you have to remember that what you call beer and what we call beer is not necessarily the same stuff. Yes – you would drink lager (such as Heineken) cold, but not proper bitter beer. It has to be at room temperature, otherwise you lose much of its flavour.

    Your photos are interesting, due to not being “touristy” shots”. This is a part of London that not many people know.


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