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Wander project London!

A tradition, unlike any other. Normally the advertising for a golf tournament. In the UK, it also describes the buses. I love the red London double-decker buses. I have seen the red buses in many other countries, but for me, I always associate them with London. Over the years, I had six opportunities to be in London. I know that it rained every time I was in London. But it didn’t matter to me. I was out walking around regardless of rain or no rain.  During the trip that the pictures were taken, we ended up staying in Trafalgar Square. It was impressive and also a very close walk to several incredible places to see. The Gates (Edwards Gates I believe) that lead to Buckingham Palace was right around the corner.

We were also within a short walk of 10 Downing Street. We didn’t see the prime minister, but we did see where he stays. I loved walking the beefeaters as they changed the guard. We also got to watch the Cavalry exercise in the yard in front of Buckingham Palace.  It is in part the history I grew up reading and in part simply seeing a truly gorgeous building. When I traveled to a city I had never been to in the past, I tried to see the sites. In Prague, I went to see the castle that sits on the hill. In the UK went to the tower, Buckingham Palace and Harrods. In Bangkok, we went to the Royal Palace and several ancient wants. In Vietnam, we didn’t see a lot of sites but did end up going out of dinner.

So on and so on. Over the years, I was fortunate to see a lot of the US and the world. I met wonderful people in every part of the world. Many of them I still communicate with to this day. Friendship is something I treasure. I find it important to trust my friends. But with that trust, I will do everything in my power to help my friends.

I don’t. However, I miss traveling. I am thinking about the past a lot right now for personal reasons. As this time comes to a close, I suspect the feeling of inward reflection will pass as well.

  1. I’ll have to dig through my old pictures shared on Google to find them all. I wish I were big into Yelp back in that time because they would of definitely been shared. Lately I have been wanting to plan a trip back to the Big Island.

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