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Wander project London

I was wandering in London for a couple more days. The first time I was in London, it was simply a stop on my way to Darby. Darby is north of London and is a beautiful place. The factory where the Rolls Royce cars were once hand-built was there in Darby. Rolls Royce was selling off its car brand to BMW a few years ago. Interesting that the top luxury car brands other than Lexus and Acura, and Jaguar are all in Germany now. By in Germany I mean they are owned by German companies. We were in the Financial District, and the thing I most wanted to see was the remains of the great Roman wall of London. Hadrian’s wall is far north of London and is more a wall to protect all of England.

The wall of London was to protect the city itself. We did go toa wonderful hole-in-the-wall Indian restaurant. The best Indian food is in London. Not India. Well, that isn’t true. The best Indian food I’ve ever had was in Bangalore. But the Indian restaurants in London are amazing. The first day we were in London my friend/co-worker wanted to go to Harrods. Harrods is an experience. Walking into the liquor store of Harrods, I was in awe. My all-time go-to drink is to sit and sip scotch! I wandered into the basement of Harrods and got to see Glenlivit 50 year, and other 40,50 and even a 100-year-old scotch. One hundred years in an oak barrel before it was placed into a bottle.

That bottle was a little outside my price range. (15,000 pounds striking – or roughly then 24,000 US dollars). It was fun to wander Harrods! After that we were hungry, so we walked down the street to a pub. We had bangers and mash and a pint of bitters. Bitters served at room temperature as pointed out in the comments of my last London post are mandatory! In Darby, I was introduced to the English Pub. It is very different overall than an America bar. For the most part, America bars are more theme focused. They tend to be sports bars, or more like Marconi’s bar from the movie “it’s a wonderful life.” A place where people go to drink. English pubs have more things going on than simply big TV’s playing sports!

This picture for Grace! To show what the buildings are!


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  1. A lot of nice memories … Whiskya’s price is really exaggerated … I was most disturbed by a ride on the left so I did not see almost anything during the ride because I had to be concentrated on the ride

  2. The best Indian food is in my kitchen (lol)
    We had an odd kind of stay in London just a week end. I so wanted to visit Harrods which was closed.We stayed at the Hotel Chamberline just across where Harrods is. Back home a friend told me I should visit their rest room by paying a pound I would have just to use their toilet.


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