Wander project learning to fly a drone

Pre-launch drone pictures. I was learning the controls of the drone (it took me nearly two days). The pictures are of our back deck and side of the house. I am not a great drone flyer, but I enjoy flying drones. I do not fly my drones into areas that impact my neighbors. I have flown well above my neighbor’s houses but not in any way that would cause a problem. I have also been attacked by a hawk, that was an interesting video. I shared them on my Youtube channel.I have videos of the first and the later flights. The later flights are where the Hawk and I argued about who owned the sky. Honestly, the hawk won because I was afraid of hurting the bird, and landed the drone.

 Drones and ROV’s are interesting today. A lot of companies are expanding their drone fleets for any number of reasons. Police use them in search and rescue and search for criminals. Phone and power companies use them to check on the status of phone and power lines. Once upon a time, they would have human beings wandering the lines, now the human being can simply drive, park and survey twice as many miles of lines in a day. With video records of the process to upload when they get back to the office. But the simple joy is flying a drone. Or piloting an ROV. One of the things that I have done since I was little watches hawks fly. I am amazed by their graceful ability to cut through the air.

The effortless way they surf the wind has always been something I enjoy watching.

Flying a drone give s you a little bit of that experience. Just not you, the drone is free of earth. Close your eyes for a moment as we slip the surly bonds of earth to rise for a moment into the air and to look down see the world beneath you spread out like a painting. Landscape by time, a landscape by climate and evolution. The last known painting of Skyler Blue!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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