Wander project late to the show, again.

A concert from a few years ago. My daughter was in the choir, and we were sadly running late (getting twins ready would seem easier than getting one child ready, but it isn’t). I think we sat in the back of almost every school event we ever attended. Some parents would be there hours (perhaps days) before the event sitting up front cheering on their child. But we intended to be in the front row. We wished more than anything to be in the front row. It never worked out. But we did try to be there early enough that we didn’t sit in the back. To avoid that awkward moment as your child scans the audience seeking a smiling face, a connection with you. I am here; the look says where you are?Luckily our kids knew we were late, so they always started at the back of the auditorium. I guess learned behaviors are the best. Or is that conditioning? I never remember which theory fits the end game there. With the younger choir, you don’t hear as much in the back row as you do nearer to the front. The people ahead of you, pointing and laughing. That is our child they would say out loud. Not a problem if it was one set of parents (we all know those parents). But it was every set of parents. All of them, as if in Unison, pointing and saying “That, is my child.” Congrats! Why are you here? Oh yeah, you are in a room with all the parents of all the kids on stage.

Some of us want to hear them sing!

Funny how the metropolis of moments like that is different after the fact. Then we were rushing, late trying to get there to avoid being behind the 24 sets of parents all saying look, that is my child. Do not go gentle into that good auditorium, Dylan Thomas may have written, had he attended shows of the choir at our schools. Do not go gentle into that good auditorium, use that stroller to knock people out of your way! Rage against the passing of the stroller but let it pass.

Oh well, lesson learned!


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