Wander project last images of KL, October 2004

Last blast of pictures from the first trip. One of the things that happen in projects like the one I was on. Initially, you have a lot more time on your hands. We were just kicking off the project and getting rolling the first few days. Later as the project ramped up, of course, we had less time. There are a few KL at night pictures. The images are roughly 13 years old, so effectively they were taken with a lower resolution digital camera. Night vision was coming for digital cameras but not for a few years.

In the evenings, I would usually head off to find a nice restaurant and relax. The Mandarin, where I stayed on that first trip, had three very nice restaurants right inside the building. The KLCC mall which was less than 200 yards from the hotel had some nice restaurants as well. In fact, KLCC also had a theater that ran US movies still in English with Malay Subtitles. I saw a couple of movies I had missed because of work schedules in the US.

By the end of my first trip (nearly 129 pictures in all), I was tired and ready to go home. As I had traveled to Southeast Asia before I knew, once I arrived home I was going to have a couple of rough days. Three to four rough days, in fact, adjusting to the time differences and the temperature differences. I went from KL muggy and 88 degrees to Greenwood Indiana that was cool and about 50 degrees. I ended up getting sick after that first trip. Such is the life of a world traveler!


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