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Wander project just follow the peanut shells

One of the things I look forward to in the Fall is the trees changing color. I also look forward to turning off the AC and having fresh air pour into the house. It’s nice to not have conditioned air. Fresh air is also nice because it gets the stale out of the house. The other part of the fall that I love is the apples! I am a huge fan of Apple. I got that from my father. I think my father survived on plants (in the shell) and Apples for many years. He loved both. I will never forget one of the first times my wife was visiting my parent’s farm. She wanted to ask my father a question. He was out somewhere on the mini-farm, my wife asked my mother “where is XXX?”

My mother smiled and said, “I don’t know.”

“Oh,” my wife answered.

“But if you need to find him, go outside and follow the trail of peanut shells. He will be at the end of that.” My mother said.

It was true. You could find dad at the end of the peanut shell trail! He stored the plants in the detached garage. The buildings of the farm were Ole’s Place (the mini-barn we built before anything else. The only building on the mini-farm for a year was Ole’s Plae. Ole was my father’s father’s nickname. A family friend and I built the barn and painted Ole’s Place over the door opening.

The second building after the gravel driveway was the garage. Dad stored his plants in the garage. That was also where mom and dad had the chest freezer. We stored the top of our wedding cake in that freezer for a year. It was still good a year later when we enjoyed the cake a couple of days after our anniversary! The house was the last thing built, but that is for another story.

The pictures today are from my parent’s house, but not the mini-farm. When my sisters were out of the house, my parents sold the mini-farm and moved back closer to the City. These pictures are from that house!

my parent's cat max, on the screen porch watching birds!


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