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If I may indulge for a moment, a little education for everyone, this week I had in the US what is called Jury duty. Like the English system of justice in the US, we have juries. A jury, in theory, is a group of people that are your peers. They listen to the Civil or Criminal case, and then the jury decides the outcome of the trail.

I was lucky enough to have my name drawn and so spent Tuesday form 8 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon in the jury room. The eligibility in the US to serve on a Jury is to be over 18, be a US Citizen, and live in the country where I live. Every US county has the same three rules. They reach into the pool of registered voters and homeowners in the county and invite them to serve on a Jury!

You go on the day in question to the courthouse, and you wait. The judge will ask you questions to determine if you are a fit for the trial or not. The defense and the plaintiff/prosecution have passes they use to remove some people (in the case of my last two experiences me!) from the Jury. I have been the room for Jury selection twice now, once for a criminal trial and once for a civil trial. It is a civic duty like voting, but I did complain about it a little.


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