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We spent a lot of time at the Indianapolis Riley Children’s Museum. It is considered one of the best children’s museums in the entire US. Over the years I went many times. I used to take my kindergarten class to the museum at least once or more per year. We always had parents go with us, or an additional teacher so the kids wouldn’t wander off. In our case, we always had the older sister to help keep watch on the twins. Over the years my favorite thing at the museum changed. In the earliest years, when I was taking my Kindergarten class to the museum, I loved the science area. It was a great chance to teach the kids quickly about the wonder of science.

That was up on the upper floors of the museum; Normally we would walk up the ramp rather than take the elevator. Walking the ramp that went all the way to the top of the museum was a good way to wear the kids out before we hit the exhibit. We would station one of the teachers at the entrance to space and let the kids run wild; They did, every single time in fact. But by the time it was lunch time they were settled and ready to sit for awhile. We would then wander some of the other exhibits of the museum. They always had wonderful seasonal displays on the second floor and a really good clock in the main area of the museum.

As my daughter got a little older, she and I would always take a detour through the floor that had wonderful doll houses. We also loved the early Indiana exhibit. Indiana claims Abraham Lincoln, as well as Kentucky and Illinois, as a native son. Lincoln was born in Kentucky, spent his childhood in Southern Indiana and then moved to Springfield Illinois.  The pioneer exhibit at the Children’s museum was always fun. There were so many wonderful exhibits. One year they had a Chrimstas exhibit that I still remember. Or, the fantastic every 3 or 4-year dinosaur exhibit that was so popular they added on to the museum so that the dinosaur exhibit became a permanent part of the museum. Always a wonderful time!!!!


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