Wander project Indiana…

When you look at the water you, if you are at the right angle can see a reflection. That reflection may be of trees, the sky, your face or whatever is around the water. When you look at a picture of a reflection what then do you see? The memories of the days that once were. Starting out as a family back in 1991, we did the best we could. Certainly, there were things that we could have done better. There were things that were epic fails. There were great successes as well. Those sometimes forgotten. The people that walked with us then, not the people that walk with us now. Change does that over time. As human beings, we are bound to a path, to a moment, and then it is gone.

Of those that were with us in 1991, but no longer with us now, I do miss my grandparents (all 3) and my father. My grandmother Johnston passed away right before my daughter was born. I think my grandmother would have loved my daughter. I know my grandfather and my mother’s mother did. The arrival in 1992 of my daughter changed the world for me. I wasn’t working for something I couldn’t see. I was working for a family. I would say from that time, many things that were done could have been done better. There were people lost along the way. While in Cincinnati we lost my friend Ned. Ned was the hilarious person I have ever been around. You could never leave your computer unlocked around Ned. You would end up with a Ren and Stimpy sound when you clicked your mouse (or worse!).

Because of his illness Ned never got to meet my daughter, or for that matter bring a child into this world. He would have been a great father. He was a great friend.  The passage of time is funny. The pictures today come from a family trip. Everyone in the family that was involved in the trip, my sisters and their families, my parents and us. A magical weekend away from the world. Away, from the world, we were in each day. Away from the cell phones we always had on. Away. The trip was taken right after we moved from Ohio back to Indiana.  Time is the great equalizer. It removes the bad thoughts and anger. It lets you remember only the happy moments and lets the bad ones slide away. Time can be your friend.


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Written by DocAndersen

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