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Wander project in the morn before the family wakes…

I suspect I own my dad and mom and apology. When I was younger and living in their house, I did not get up in the morning well. Well isn’t the right word I suspect my mother and father would have (or would) both say at all. I was not a morning person early in life. I didn’t become a morning person until I was out of College and teaching school. Then I had to be able to function highly in the morning. The kids would arrive with news, information, and things to share every day. I taught 2nd grade, so the reality for me was the kids were still happy to be in school. For me, that was the beginning of my becoming a morning person. It was funny because, for a long time, I worked for a night owl company.

When you get up early, you can get a lot done before the world starts. Now I get up and start my blogs and other personal things first in the am. Sometimes that reality bleeds into lunch. But for the most part, I am on to my workday by around 7 am or so. It is funny because there was a long time as a kid that I never saw at 7am. We had to be at school by 8 am, in my book that meant getting up right before the bus would arrive (around 7:20 am). My parents didn’t agree with that philosophy. They were always trying to get me to get up earlier in the morning. Funny, now I do the same thing with my kids. Try to get them to wake up earlier in the morning.

Mornings, as the time to get things done.

I like the mornings now. I suspect it is the natural progression. Now I even enjoy waking up early. There are times when the world is quiet, that I can get so much done. I guess as we get older, we find the places and times that work for us. For me now, it is early morning. Of course, that also means that I end up going to sleep earlier and earlier overall.

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