Wander project in search of missing hair…

There was a time when I couldn’t take a picture without faces being made at me. It wasn’t to frustrate me; it was an expression by the kids. They were not going to be photographed without a face. So, I used to work hard to get the picture both of the face made, but also of the child without making a face. Honestly, it became a contest. I loved and still love taking pictures of kids and dogs.  IT became a hunt, do I get the picture or do I get the face. Most of the time, because of digital cameras, I could get enough photos that I didn’t end up with the front only. It is funny sometimes when you look back at the things you were thinking about and doing.

One of the things we notice as we get a little older is, the more we stay the same, the more the world around us changes. At least we think we visit the same. One day we look in the mirror and honestly find there are gray hairs. We don’t see those gray hairs. But then we watch a few months later, and there are more gray hairs, so we put them in our mind as, oh yes, we’ve always had gray hair. Some run to the hairdresser to cover up the gray. Or buy a chemical treatment that removes the gray over time. Others look in the mirror and smile, I’ve always had gray hairs, and they move on. Those wrinkles we get by our eyes, those were there as well when we were younger.

I come not to praise Ceasar but to bury him; Marc Anthony said as he stood over the corpse of his mentor. We do that as well, but it is more the part of us that is now gone. I come not to color my hair, but to figure out why it is gray now. I am here not to praise the hair that once part of my head now sits on a beach in Florida, disconnected from me, sipping My Tais. No, today, I come to remember what was. To quote the great Arnold Horsak, “what will be, what will be. What will be was but will be again.” Now that makes me wonder as I think about that last line, will my hair return? Will it is as it was, or will it always be as it is? That is the question now I leave you, I have to bury Ceasar!

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