Wander project in search of Kraken…

Pictures of the Bay are the focus again today. All pictures were taken by my wife (ergo all the pictures of me in the collection). I, in the best sense of fairness, publish all pictures.It is a part of the family history project. We decided to head towards Kentland (the southern part. The northern part is where the Bay bridge is. The water is shallower in the area around the Bay Bridge). Plus, there is a lot more boat traffic by the Bay Bridge. We decided to head out and loop around some of the docked container ships. They are far too big to go into the Annapolis Harbor. They, for the most part, are empty waiting for the call into Baltimore’s harbor where they are loaded and sent off to see the world.

My dad always used to say“I joined the Navy to see the world and all saw as the sea.” He, my dad, was never in the Navy. He just grew up during WWII. He had memorized most of the old WWI, and WWII songs. He would sing them in the car for us. If we wanted them, or if we didn’t want them dad would sing the Yanks are coming, Detour there is a muddy road ahead and so on. Over and over, never turning the radio on. Looking back I realize it made all of us go to sleep, so Dad got the quiet he was seeking. It took us years to convince dad to have the radio on in the car. We have a radio on the boat but don’t always have it on. The radio is nice when you are going slow.

We, this past weekend were pelting across the upper bay towards the docked container ships and the southern part of Kent Island. Every trip is an adventure if you want it to be!

You don’t realize how small our boat is until you wander by one of these behemoths. The container ships are huge. They tower out of the water and fill the horizon. Just the wake they create when they are moving is huge. When they are anchored, however, they look like sleeping giants. Or large water trolls prepared to summon the Kraken. I may be watching too many fantasy movies. I may have to cut back overall, on the number of fantasy movies I am watching. There are no Kraken’s in the Chesapeake Bay (or are there?).


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