Wander project images of the past….

I would love to claim that the picture of the back part of my office was from today, but sadly it was taken in 2016, and things aren’t a whole lot better now than then. The other pictures are from 2016 and before. Some are great pictures of my dad. My two favorites in today’s wander are the two of my parents, in two distinct locations together.  The snow picture is from February 2016 (one of the largest snows ever recorded in the DC metro area 34+ inches of snow. The largest snowfall I’ve seen in my life, personally. I’ve been around the after effect of large snowfalls, but this was the biggest I have ever actually watched fall from the sky and stay on the ground around me)!

In the 1970’s we went to Rainbow pass in the Rocky Mountains. We were staying just outside Denver Colorado at Estes Park. We went up into the mountain to cross the pass. At that time the snow was roughly 20 feet high. Much larger snowfalls were measured to accumulate that amount of snow, but we weren’t there when the snow was falling. We were there in June as it was just beginning to melt!

If I may, I have three favorite pictures in this collection. I have so many memories of the last picture. The first two are of my parents together. My memory of my parents is of them together. They were until the passing of my father always together. It is really hard to get your parents pitted against each other when they communicate. I tried, but more often not failed.

The picture with Smokey the Bear was for the 50th wedding anniversary.

The last picture is one of my favorite pictures of my father and I. It was taken from an event I would like to forget. But the picture is one that I will always treasure. I guess today is a wander of wanders.


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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