Wander project images of Europe and Germantown MD!

One of the things I love about my family is that in Europe, or in our living room sometimes it is just fun to hang out. The first few pictures are of our trip to Europe, in particular in a couple of restaurants. I did take very few pictures with my cell phone in Europe. That was, for the most part, because my cell phone was on, but only on as an emergency contact device. The data was to, turned off because I didn’t want to get a massive 1000 dollar data bill for a ten-day trip to Europe. The last few pictures are from the living room of our house. The last one is a great picture of Dylan. He doesn’t often let me take pictures of him, so when I do get a good one, it is a treasure.

Funny to think that Dylan has been with us for six years now. How time flies when you let Labs run the show. Dylan, of course, defers to the alpha female in our house (Raven). Raven is clearly in charge of food and also is the first one in line to get pets. Dylan understands that and lets Raven be the queen. Fran was the same way although not at first. When Fran first joined our family, she was a puppy. Smaller than Gwen at the time, Gwen was determined to be the alpha female in the house. Until one day Fran realized she was bigger than Gwen (by a lot) and that ended Gwen’s Reign. Since that time we’ve had a female Lab in charge of our house. If you don’t believe me ask Raven and she will tell you.

It is funny looking back at the cell phone pictures. I suspect there is probably four months between the pictures taken. The first one, taken at a meal in Europe in June/July 2016. The second is taken most likely for my daughters birthday in November 2016. Before the photo challenge, I would take pictures with my other cameras 99% of the time, and cellular pictures were either of whiteboards or things I didn’t have my other camera for. Or, as in the case of some events, that I didn’t want to get the other camera or worse, it wasn’t charged. Now, since the 365 day photo challenge I make sure my cameras are changed. And I do take a lot more pictures with my cell phone!


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Written by DocAndersen

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