Wander project images of Greenwood

Today’s memories and pictures are from a time long ago, okay not that long ago but it feels like it was long ago now. Funny now, as a parent I understand what my parents used to tell me, that perspective changes everything. The little kids that used to live with us don’t anymore. All three now as adults bring other things to bear. The cute smiles and faces fading except in the pictures we have to those cute smiles. Now smiles are sometimes forced.

As your kid’s age, your relationship with them ages as well. It is a good thing, to be able to converse with them, to talk about dreams and ideas. Sometimes kids will tell you, as young people, that they want to be an astronaut or a professional athlete. But that fades at some point. That dream becomes other things, and their interests become other interests. Not, mind you that our children ever dreamed of being professional athletes. Genetics crushed that dream for all of us.

They did, however, have dreams of what could be. In those dreams, they found their paths forward. Funny how the images now, of them, then, seem so far away. So distant in the past that they are not a part of what is but instead of what was. There are times sitting in my chair in my home office that I review these images, look at the pictures, and I recall what was. Funny how that can be both happy and sad. The little ones that were belong to the time now long past. A long time ago, that felt like yesterday.


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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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