Wander project, images of Greenwood and the story of Gwen

I haven’t written much about Gwen, who the image is in the pictures shared today. Gwen was a dog. That much we know for sure. She was, for the most part, an Australian shepherd. At that time she was the most intelligent dog we had ever had living with us. Dylan is a little smarter than Gwen was, in that he doesn’t have the huge stubborn streak Gwen had and is open to at least learning new tricks. Gwen was a pet store dog. My wife and daughters picked her out based on the way she appeared. I have been a dog owner for many years and can honestly say you never pick a dog based on appearance, ever.

Gwen confirmed that. She was, from the minute she arrived in the house, a bone of contention. She (Gwen) didn’t do well with conflict, so that made her even more nervous than she was before. Being a pet store dog, she wasn’t the happiest dog, to begin with. Add the conflict about is taking her out and feeding her, virtually every single day and the poor dog was confused. Gwen joined us in our first house in Western Hills. We didn’t let her roam the backyard freely because she barked all the time.

We did at least in that first house have a fenced yard. We added a fenced yard to our second house, but Gwen had to endure the screaming about taking her out on the leash for the first couple of months in the new house. Gwen stopped eating dog food when the boys arrived. She lived off the stuff that fell off their high chair trays and never touched her dog food. I realized that one day when I noticed that no one had replaced or changed the food in a month. There was screaming about that, but I was more worried about the dog. She, Gwen managed to gain six pounds while the boys were little. I guess that what happens when you don’t eat dog food!


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Written by DocAndersen

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