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Wander project Holiday World!!!!

One of the things my wife loves to do is go to amusement parks. The parks around Greenwood Indiana were the always delightful Kings Island. Kings Island was in Cincinnati, Ohio, and roughly a 2.5-hour drive. Once a year or so we would pack up and head to Cincinnati for Kings Ialdn. When we lived in Cincinnati, we went a lot more often than when we moved to Indiana. There was also Six Flags in Louisville. Also about the same distance overall but we only went there one time. I had a customer meeting in Lousiville, so my wife and the kids went to Six Flags for the day. We then drove home in the early evening. That was I think the only time all of us went to Six Flags.

Santa Claus land in Santa Claus Indiana later became Holiday World. We went there several times.  But the initial pictures are of the pool and the construction crew that was the Twins. Not, a construction crew. They would be later. But at the age, they are in the picture they were more of a destruction crew. The two of them used to run full speed until they stopped. So as you wander the pictures today, you will see the two of them in our old Van on the way to Holiday World conked out. Like I said they were running until they dropped back in those days. We went to Holiday World several times. I do remember because the first time I went, it was still Santa Claus Land!

Most of the time, we would drive down early in the morning. The Park opened around 10 am. We would get up early and drive down. One time, for several reasons, my wife wanted to spend the night at the Holiday World hotel. It had been revolted the season before, lots of parts of the hotel were still being worked on. The hotel also had a golf course. The putt-putt was more our speed, and we wandered there the first night. It wasn’t a stellar 5-star hotel, but after a day of running around Holiday World, it was good enough. It also let us spend time in the park, and that was fun. My favorite thing at Holiday World was the wonderful glass blowing in the main store.

I love watching glass blowing!

playing with lens on a point and shoot camera.


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