Wander project heading back to Lake Lemon…

Wandering back to Lake Lemon located in Indiana, and July 2009. Sunday afternoons were family excursions on the boat. The images today are from those expeditions. We would head down to Lake Lemon from Greenwood. It, the lake, was located off of a series of Indiana backroads. It was near, as I have mentioned before, Waycross camp. The kids all spent time at Waycross over the years were in Greenwood.

Lake Lemon had a residential end and a dam end. There were houses dotted along the entire shore of the lake. You could take your boat up the river that was dammed to create the lake but not very far. We did that a couple of times. With our then smaller boat, we made it about 30 minutes up the creek/river before we had to turn around. When turning a boat that is wider than the creek is wide it can be a nerve-wracking experience.

We’ve seen the tubing events; those happened often. We had a boat on Lake Lemon from roughly 2003 to 2010. During that time we spent many weekend days from March to October. Seeing the leaves changing colors in the fall from the water was always amazing. We also learned many of the wonderful joys of boat ownership (dead batteries, dead starters). Overall the experience was amazing and one that we will always cherish!


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