wander project Happy Good Friday a day late (easter of the past)

If you celebrate, Happy Good Friday, this is the last of the Easter posts for this year; I am doing my father’s pictures on the weekends so, we end with this one. Interesting, in that now today we have pictures of the kids a little older. There is also pictures of Gwen towards the end of the collection. She was older by then 13 or 14 years old. She would make it, two more years. I miss Gwen sometimes. She was stubborn, used to chase and herd the kids in the back yard and she was a family member. Our daughter went through the no pictures in the holy compound era. She first went through the make faces when pictures were taken phase, and convinced her cousins to do that as well.

Then it was the don’t take my picture phase. There are several pictures in that phase in the collection today. You can, with the last picture of our daughter see the same face my wife makes when I take her picture. Honestly, this is one of the last Easter celebrations we had, by the time of these pictures (2009) or 10 years ago now, the twins were 11 and no longer believed in a traveling bunny that broke into people’s houses to leave things behind.  They were tired of my best dad joke about Gwen and Fran. (we are hunting bunnies tonight) Uttered in my best Gwen voice the eve of Easter. I guess even the very best dad joke ever gets old when you’ve heard it 11 years in a row.

(the kids used to gasp when Gwen would tell them she was hunting bunnies on Easter Eve). Why doesn’t Easter have an Eve, by the way,? It was more fun to hide the candy when the kids were older. We could get a lot more creative. We still had the one rule though, high enough that Gwen and Fran couldn’t get involved in the searching. They did, but more to direct in hopes of receiving a cut of the goods. Fran loved Peeps. Peeps are Marchmellow covered with hard sprinkles in the shape of little bunnies or little chicks. My wife bought them (peeps) every single year. Not one of the kids liked Peeps. But Fran did, more than anything. Gwen would eat them, but for Fran, the Candy choices were Peeps, Candy Corn and Candy Corn pumpkins (we never could figure out why she loved Candy corn so much).


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