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Wander project handing my wife a Wish List…

A message for those not here has been my theme for the past two days. But today, I again dipped my toe into the well of inspiration and using the same bucket I used the last time; I found new inspiration. What if you handed your partner, best friend, or someone in your life a sheet of paper with the words Wish List on it. What would they write? Would they share things with you that you didn’t know? We shall find out, base don the inspiration I got today, I gave my wife that sheet of paper this morning. No influence, suggestions, or guidance, just a blank piece of paper with two words printed on it, Wish List. I do not know what she will write on that sheet, and I don’t want to know.

Saturday, we will both share our lists with the other. It is a mystery to be unveiled. Perhaps we will have fanfare, music blasting from a string quartet as we walk into the room. Saturday has become date night. Although unlike the date night of the past, we don’t leave the house now. We shoo the children from our space and launch the date night concept in our living room. We make order dinner to share and watch movies. But this week, instead, we will sit on the couch, and with no other noise than the sound of my wife’s and the Twin’s dog (Raven) snoring, we will share your lists. What would your wish list have on it? Would you wish to travel to see the world?

Or would you wish instead to find someone, To have that person in your life that you can share a list with? Or perhaps instead, you would want to for a moment with someone gone now that once was critical for your life. What would your list contain? Would you wish for time? Time to wander with the person you have in your life, or time to reflect? Would you want to for a crafted message to leave? I was here. I made a difference. What would you put on your Wish List? I know mine will start with well I won’t publish that now because my wife reads my blog. Instead, let me say that I have a list started of the things of which I wish. Do you have a wish list? One to share with someone?


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