Wander project Greenwood (seeking warmth)!

It is so cold that icicles were trying to get into the house to warm up. It was so cold yesterday that the air was chattering. I could go on, but instead I am going to take the high road, or in this case the summer road and go on a pool day. I’ve mentioned before that we built our first pool in Cincinnati. It was a small pool that fit into the corner of our backyard. We didn’t have much of a yard that was flat. The majority of that yard was a hill. We had enough flat space for a play yard for the kids and a pool.

We built a larger pool in Indiana. With wonderful terracing so that you could easily relax in the pool area or wander over to the play yard while leaving the dogs a place to run around. Gwen, who was the only dog with us when we moved to Greenwood, loved to run around. She also loved to hunt and kill chipmunks. We had to keep an eye on her when she was outside, or we would have dead chipmunks all over the backyard.

The pool was the center point of our backyard and our summer festivities for the ten years we lived in the house (with a pool). We’ve lived in two neighborhoods in Maryland both that have a community pool, but we just don’t go that often now. Funny but I guess just part of aging. The kids have other things that are critical to them now. Then, however, the pool was everything. Fran used to stand in the shallow end of the pool watching the kids make sure everything was ok.


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