Wander project Greenwood and Rock Climbing!

More pictures of the kid’s rock climbing again. Over the years I took a lot of pictures of them as they all love to climb rocks. Funny overall because they are very different people. My daughter is outgoing and often is the loudest of the three. The older of the two twins is, the more social of the twins but less social than their sister. The youngest of the twins is the least social and yet, at home the most likely to talk your ear off.

Funny how that works. This is them gearing up to climb the Rock Wall at what was then Galleons’ sporting goods in Greenwood Indiana. Galleons’s was sold to Dick’s Sporting Goods and Dicks kept the rock wall for a time. They then moved to the Mall and the Rock wall was no more. We would drive by the old sporting goods store (the old one was near the mall but not directly connected to the mall) and the twins would say “curse you Dicks’” while shaking their fists.

I’ve shared rock walls we found in Maryland as well. There are a number of them near the Great Falls of Maryland and Virginia state parks, but those are natural actual rock walls. The kids like to climb the indoor walls. Funny how that works out! Over the years we went to the rock wall many times. It isn’t the easiest sport. The kids were all exhausted by the time they were done. It is incredible to watch them, as well as all the other climbers. I never had the urge to climb the wall personally, however!


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Written by DocAndersen

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