Wander project Greenwood and racing…

About 8 miles from our house was a mini-amusement park. Mini in that it didn’t have the big rides we normally associate with an amusement park like Roller Coasters and huge towers to climb. It did have a pool with boats that you could play bumper pool, and of course, they had squit guns so you could soak the people with you. It also had a racetrack for go-karts. Funny how go-karts bring out the competitive nature of one of the people in our family.

A lot.

Seriously, a lot of the competitive nature of one family member.

The first time my daughter was old enough and tall enough (old enough came before tall enough) to ride the go-karts on her own she was excited. It was her first chance to be large and in charge, not having to ride with an adult in the go-kart.

She sadly challenged the member of our family who is hyper-competitive to a go-kart race. The race did not go well for my daughter. Right as she came out of the first turn, the competitive racer ran her off the course. She got stuck in the safety tires, and the track manager/official had to come out and un-wedge the go-kart. Meanwhile, the hyper-competitive another member of our family lapped her three times.

You don’t mess with momma when it comes to go-karts.

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