Wander project Greenwood and more of the pool…

The reason for the pool was for the kids. Funny but there was a time when our lives revolved around the pool. As in, the kids couldn’t wait to get in and be swimming. Our first pool was a tragedy and one that we regretted the minute we had it built. The workers dumped an entire load of concrete into the pool. They had to replace the filter system and drain the pool completely and practically start over. It added a month to the project.

Plus that pool because of the size of the yard was smaller. Also, we made the mistake of putting the dog run right by the pool, so you had to clean up the dog mess everytime you wanted to go swimming. Still, we had a few parties with good friends, and the kids loved it. The second pool was a much smoother building experience than the first pool. With a much larger backyard, we were able to go much bigger with the pool as well.

Plus, there was an adult area known as the hot tub. It was supposed to be an adult only hot tub. That was the rule the first hour or so that we had it. The project was finished (new pool) somewhere around July 14 (which was two weeks later than the original estimate but oh well). We opened the pool for the first time, and the hot tub as well for the first time. We told the kids that the hot tub was for adults only. The kids, of course, got in, asking the question “what is an adult?”


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Lovely and cheerful photos! I imagine the kids’ faces while getting into the tub asking “what’s an adult?” It must have been hilarious!