Wander project Greenwood Indiana

Another set of pictures from the backyard of our house in Greenwood Indiana. We lived in a subdivision called Eagle Trace, and on a cul-de-sac called Eagle Valley Court. It was our home for eleven years. My sister had moved to Greenwood before we got married, and left five years after us. They, over the course of that time, owned three different houses in Greenwood. At the time of these pictures they were in their last house, that was literally just down the road (Olive Branch was the same of the road) from us.  It was nice having family that closes, there were a few times that was the only thing that kept sanity around us. I was at the time we were living in Greenwood traveling a lot.

Our house was between the pond (one of four) in our subdivision. We were also next to the railroad tracks that ended our subdivision and started the next subdivision. The railroad track was raised above our house. There was a brook or stream that ran across the track area, under the railroad trestle/ The pictures of the twins climbing to the top of the trestle area. The trestle was probably 24 feet in the air. That, over the years, caused a few issues with kids. They would climb, or walk on the railroad trestle and throw rocks into the pond. That wasn’t the issue; it was the few times that kids threw rocks at our house, that was the issue. We only had a garage window facing the railroad tracks. A rock never broke it, but it got hit a few times.

The trampoline and the pond were a part of the daily lives we had. The pond around this time of the year would smell horrible. The last few pictures are from the pond to the back of the house. Eleven years is the longest to date that we have lived in any place or house. We were in Cincinnati for nine years and have been Maryland for six so far. I suspect we will end up spending more years in Maryland. But at this point, I wonder if we will ever spend more than eleven years in the same house. We may, but at this point, that feels like a long time to me. I am a wanderer!

What is the longest time you’ve spent in a single place? My personal best for living in the same place is Bloomington Indiana. I left there for 25 years with one break (when we lived in Thailand), but we lived in three different houses, and six different apartments in those 25 years.


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