Wander project Greenwood Indiana

Interesting Hodge podge collection in the folder called Boy’s Baseball. I need to go through many of these folders. The first few pictures are of my office in Greenwood Indiana. Over the years, I have had three home offices, and part of the basement in two other houses. I have, by the way, never had a window in my home office. I hope someday to get promoted at home to where I get an office with a window.

The initial pictures to share today are of baseball practice. Practice and games were pretty similar. Both were fun to watch, and I enjoyed getting to relax outdoors and take video and pictures of the kids. The YMCA of Greenwood Indiana has massive outdoor and indoor sports facilities. Parking was always the issue. I suspect given the number of parents and the divorce rate in the US there were many more cars arriving at the games than there would have been in the past.

They also had a snack area, so every game the kids would get a parent provided snack and of course, also have to go to the concession stand to get a second treat. I am sure that worked out somehow but I am not sure it was ever in my favor. We took our lawn/outdoor chairs with us and relaxed with waters and watching. I can remember thinking some times that a beer and a hotdog would have made the experience perfect, but neither of those was options!


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Written by DocAndersen

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